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Now offering

TEFL Certification

TEFC is LA's official partner of,

a fully accredited English as a Foreign/second Language (EFL/ESL) teacher certification agency.

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Special Ed

 Tutors Available! 

     We offer superior online tutoring for most subject areas designed to get the learner’s attention and then keep  that attention going throughout the length of the session.  Additionally we offer assistance with special needs students by our distinctively trained tutors.

     With the help of of caring, expert tutors, students can be guided in their own educational endeavors online as well as in person.

     During these difficult transitional times of having to adjust to online education, our specially trained tutors can help your learner achieve academic success.

Tutoring sessions are available on a one-time basis, starting at $65 for a single, 1 hour session. 

Billing is per hour, in 30 minute increments with the minimum of 1 hour.


Tutoring session are available in learning packages of 10 hours, 20 hours and 30 hours, with discounts available at each tier.


   10 hours @ $40.00/ hr 

 20 hours @ 38.50/ hr​

 30 hours @ 35.00/ hr

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