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The Dr. Joni System
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The Dr. Joni system of

active and proactive teaching

and learning incorporates 7 steps:

  1. Introduce -
    Our tutors are instructed how to grab the students' attention (in a variety of ways) and become bigger than life on the computer screen!  

  2. Preview (Segway, Assess, Develop) -
    During the preview step, the tutor will invite the learner into the lesson by using techniques specially designed to keep the learners’ attention (which may include a review of the previous lesson); assess the individual needs of the learner through probing, open-ended questions; and help develop the lesson in an interesting and motivating way.


  3. Inquiry (Initial Reading) -
    The tutor will initiate the reading of the lesson in several different and enthusiastic ways.  


  4. Read (New Words & Phrases, Vocabulary) -
    New vocabulary is reviewed and explained in greater detail.


  5. Echo (Comprehension)
    The learner actively takes part in the academic process by repeating the story, as it was told to them, back  the tutor (mirroring).


  6. Retell (Speak)
    The student gets to re-tell the story in his/her own words. Here the student can be very creative, or the or she can choose to keep it simple. 


  7. Review
    The tutor informs the student that the session is nearly finished and introduces a final activity (such as a short quiz or a fill-in-the-blank) to both check comprehension and offer closure that eagerly encourages the student to want to come back again next time.

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