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          How we work

Tutoring session are available on a one time basis, for a single 1 hour session.


Tutoring session are available in learning packages of: 

10 hours

20 hours

30 hours

According to author Douglas Bernstein, studies have shown that true learning takes place after the first 50 minutes to one hour of teaching and “…a key memory strategy is to space out you study sessions…” . (Essentials of Psychology, 6th Ed)


With our highly recommended 90 minute sessions, if the learner needs a short break in the middle, we can accommodate this also. 

Additionally, during our 90 minute sessions, our trained tutors use the Dr. Joni System of teaching and learning which incorporates the 7 steps of active learning: introduce, preview, inquiry, read, echo, retell, and review.

“…the key to remembering text book material is to read actively…"

(D. Bernstein) 

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1-(844) 583-3204

1-(213) 210-3074 



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each tier.

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