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Tutoring for the Changing Times

Different cultures view extra-curricular educational tools differently. For some cultures, supplemental education may take the form of additional instruction and is seen as paramount to the original purpose of academia: learning. While in other cultures, it is deemed an added expense not to be incorporated into the routine expense budget; an expense which should be borne by the government whose job it is to take care of its citizens. Whichever way one views education and its many addendum, education has the capacity for becoming a sort of cultural commodity or capital, something which can be bought and sold.

This can create cultural and societal inequalities. Often, only affluent families can afford private tutors to help their children get ahead scholastically. The more money that can be spent, it seems, the better the tutoring will be; the better the tutoring, the more academic advancements the student will make; the more academic advancements, the better the schools, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, what’s missing here is the fact that there are many students and their families that lack the funds to afford tutors and often they are left by the wayside educationally. With the proper tutoring, however, many of these students could easily compete and surpass their more affluent counterparts, but they never get the chance.

Attempting to fill this gap, tutoring companies are now offering free tutoring sessions for those in need. Some organizations have started using a sliding scale for their fees in an effort to make personalized tutoring more affordable for all. Additionally, schools encourage the upper grade students to voluntarily assist their younger counterparts. Many community colleges throughout America have implemented programs to motivate their students and graduates to actively participate in local educational opportunities. If supplementary tutoring is needed or desired, in 2020 and beyond, there is help available.

With online tutoring becoming more and more popular and cost effective, there is no reason for any child not to get the help he or she needs academically. Partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online teaching has become the “new norm.” In many cities throughout the world and specifically here in the US, many school districts are still operating either solely or partially online. This has driven schools around the globe to find new and meaningful alternatives to in-person teaching and learning. Online tutoring can be a big help. If you are uncertain about the affordability of hiring an online tutor, check out some of the local listings in your area. Most are doing what they can to help everyone through this difficult time.


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